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Thursday, March 30, 2006

immigration rally

immigration rally
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Here's another flickr news photo, this time from a user named toddhanz (this dude's photos are actually very professional). The immigration rallies in the West began with students walking out of class and quickly grew into masses of the population turning out to support (or rally against) the case for immigrantion reform. Some radio DJs played a huge role in drumming up interest in the events as much of the hip-hop radio, dance radio, and spanish language radio in Los Angeles is driven by Latino radio personalities.


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Duke lacrosse press conference

Duke lacrosse press conference
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Duke lacrosse press conference

Flickr is ten times more powerful when it is used to post news photos. A user named jacksonfox just posted this and nine other photos from a press gathering at Duke U. concerning the now confirmed rape of a woman. Members of the lacrosse team are suspects and athletic activities have been suspended. The story is charged with race, class, gender issues as the woman, a hired entertainer, is a black woman and the accused athletes are white men. Duke U. is in the South, it has a largely white student body, while the city Durham is predominately black. The Duke campus newspaper is all over it (the student journalists are certainly cutting their teeth on this suddenly national story): "Lax games suspended amid controversy".

The student commentary is interesting too, here are two letters:
"The safety of black women"
"Throwback to Salem"
And one opinion piece:
"Alarming Context".

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